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At Cannon Consulting we aim to grow your business through creative marketing, energetic sales consultancy, sharing with you our in depth industry knowledge, revenue management advise, client introductions and a constant, continual development. Started by Olivia Cannon, a seasoned and experienced hospitality industry professional, we assist hotels, resorts and venues develop a sales and marketing road map and help to implement it with energy, imagination and flair so as to secure a successful future for the organisation.


What we can offer

Cannon Consulting works with owners, operators and managers advising them with recommendations, ideas and opinions on specific ways of improving overall hospitality sales and marketing performance and measurement. Our skills produce helpful tools for management in assessing competition, overall hotel market conditions, and primary and secondary feeder markets along with invaluable hotel user feedback. We are energetic and creative sales and marketing experts specialising in the hotel and hospitality industry.

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What's going on

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